As a nutritional therapist I spend quite a bit of my time talking to people about supporting the liver.  Your liver is an amazing organ, designed to break down poisons so your body can excrete them.  We are saturated with toxins unfortunately – they are in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.  And that’s in the healthy stuff!  Then add in alcohol, prescription drugs, tobacco smoke, chemicals in cleaning products, shampoo, shower gel, make up…oh the list is endless.  And so we move towards eating ‘clean’, switching to products less contaminated with nasty chemicals, and avoiding the obvious ones like smoke and alcohol.  This is all in the typical day of a nutritional therapist!

But what about toxic people?  We’ve all got some in our lives.  Again there are the obvious ones, the ones who are never happy for your achievements, who outwardly criticise and don’t support you.  Like tobacco smoke they are much easier to avoid than the hidden chemicals in food and drink.  Or the ones you think are your friends, but are actually toxic beyond words behind the scenes.  Let’s pick a food example.  ‘I hardly eat any sugar.  I don’t eat biscuits, or sweets’.  Then when you examine the diet it turns out that actually it’s pretty high in sugar, because it’s full of bread, and pasta, and jars of cooking sauces!  You could have a friend whose company you enjoy, who you believe has your best interests at heart, as friends should, only to find that actually they only have their own best interests in mind, and then say and do things behind your back, causing rifts and chaos beyond measure.

It takes an effort to clear these toxic people and toxic substances out of your life, but toxins in any form are harmful.  What nonsense I hear you say!  A toxic person doesn’t affect your liver.  Hmm, don’t be so sure.  Your liver doesn’t only break down external toxins.  It recycles hormones, and let’s not forget that a stress reaction floods your body with hormones that need breaking down and recycling.  So if a toxic person upsets you, likelihood is your liver will be working overtime for a while.

Do some life laundry as well as cleaning your diet up.  Look after yourself.  And if someone spends time slating others to you, think carefully about what you tell them because they are likely displaying the same destructive tendencies towards you without your knowledge.  It’s a bitter pill indeed to swallow when the light finally dawns.