It’s another new year’s eve.  Another year older, another year to look back on.  I’m wondering what your new year’s resolution will be?  I guess weight loss will be featuring quite highly for several of you?  ‘Right that’s it.  I’m going to work hard and lose all this excess poundage in the new year‘.  Does that sound familiar?  Let’s see if I can guess some more of your resolutions… To cut down on alcohol perhaps?  Reduce how much sugar you eat?  Increase how many vegetables you have each day?  Drink more water?  Eat less meat?  Feel more healthy?  Cut down on coffee?  Recapture the youthful glow you once had?

I’m betting most of those resolutions revolve around your health.  We are surrounded by convenience ‘foods’ (unfortunately, the more convenient a ‘food’ is, the less nutritional value, or even resemblance to ‘food’ there is).  Life is busy, and who wants to cook a meal from scratch when you get in after an 8 hour day at work?  But therein lies the problem really.  If you’re not nourishing your body adequately (and chances are you’re not if you rely too heavily on anything ‘convenient’), there’s no youthful glow to be had, and your body undoubtedly will be struggling to work as well as it could.  With this comes nasty old weight gain, dark circles under eyes, dull or spotty skin, lank and thin hair, bad breath, indigestion and acid reflux, constipation, headaches, joint pain… oh the list goes on.  And hands up who doesn’t suffer with at least one of the aforementioned consequences of eating too many convenience foods and not enough real food?

Eating a healthy diet isn’t as difficult as you might think.  Yes you have to put in slightly more effort, and yes cutting down on sugar, which is insidiously in everything that has a label, isn’t easy, but think about what your new year’s resolution is going to be and then do the maths.  If you want to lose weight, feel better, glow etc etc, then you need to eat more vegetables, cut down on alcohol, drink more water yada yada yada.

You know where I am if you want some help!

So all I have left to say is, enjoy your new year’s eve celebrations (complete with alcohol and sugar no doubt – mine will be too!).  Happy new year folks!

Your friendly NT,

Annabel xx