Hasn’t it been warm in the UK the last week or so? I mean so warm you feel like you’re melting? I’ve decided to stop fighting the shine and go make up free until it cools down a bit…

Seriously though, at times like this I remember how important it is to drink enough (and you know I don’t mean those cold beers that are so welcoming after work, don’t you?!) Water is vital for just about everything in your body – digestion, elimination, movement, circulation, temperature control – the list goes on. When you don’t drink enough to keep yourself hydrated your body starts to hang on to every last drop, and that’s when you can get puffy ankles and feet. Your body will also divert supplies to the really important areas like your brain, creating all sorts of problems from obvious ones like fatigue, headaches, constipation, poor skin condition and poor digestion and nutrient absorption, to less obvious ones such as weight gain, high blood pressure and peptic ulcers.

Water is the gold standard for hydrating your body. Still or sparkling, cold or room temperature, just get it down you. If you’re not keen on plain water how about fruit/herb teas, or Redbush and Matcha Green Tea instead? Fruit juices diluted with water will have an impact on your blood sugar balance, but will make a good start if you need training wheels to get there. Normal tea and coffee have their place in small amounts, although they also have things in them that bring their own concerns (caffeine and tannins – but more about them on another day). Seriously, cold beers, fizzy pop, wine spritzers…these all come outside of the 1.5 to 2 litres of hydrating fluids that you should aim for each day, possibly more when shiny faces are a factor.

Water coolerSome health tips are hard to follow, but this isn’t one of them. Drink up my friends!